About Us

Quinv : Domain Investors - Domain Experts

Quinv S.A. is a Luxembourg company, created in April 2006 by Xavier Buck. It specializes in the purchase and sale of domain names.

The company offers a large selection of domain names, with the most popular TLDs, making Quinv one of the predominant players in the market; companies and individuals can find their heart’s desire.

We also monetize website traffic through advertisements in relation to the domain name.

Currently, we possess a portfolio which contains more than 45,000 domain names; our objective being to contribute to your success.


If you want to buy or sell a domain name, please, feel free to contact us.


Additionally, Quinv is currently developing a new project, Hotel.mobi.

This mobile application is a leading web directory allowing mobile users to locate the best hotel, at their current location. A hotel recommended by a team of well selected experts; a single click and contact is made directly with the hotel, for reservations and bookings.