Why buy a domain name ?

The purchase of a domain name is essential for increasing your activity and generating more traffic. Moreover, it improves you web identity

 Creation of your website
 You need a domain name to build a web project.
 It’s a possibility to invest at a high value
 It brings you greater SEO
 Development of your business


Internet Direct Navigation


Representing 80% of today’s Internet traffic, direct navigation is achieved by directly entering a domain name in the browser


Targeted Traffic

The premium domain names generate targeted traffic directly based on their meaning so the displayed search results are specifically related to the subject the visitor is looking for, i.e. keywords.


Quinv’s strength is to transform direct navigation traffic into cash either through “pay-per-click” (PPC) or “pay-per-acquisiton” (CPA/Affiliate programs) through worldwide partnerships.


Premium Domain Names – The Real Estate of the Internet


Domain names can be easily compared to real estate. Here’s why:

1) Domain names are limited in their quantity and quality (ground)
2) The shorter the domain name the higher the value
3) The more generic the domain name, the more visitors it receives


Premium domain names can be compared to high value real estate that is located in the premium area of a city or easily accessible; at the same time rare and highly desirable to passers-by.


The market already understands this and only last year, some premium domain names sold for a high value due to their “visibility value”:


Cameras.com $1.5 M, Vodka.com $3 M, Flowers.mobi $200 K

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